Terms of use

All images are freely downloadable for use as desktop wallpapers. Other use of the image (posters, banners, web content, prints) is not allowed unless an exception to the rules of use is shown below the image. Any exception (exception exception) is exactly defined and does not assume any variation.

The catalog is filled with images of registered users cz.wallpapers-fenix.eu and is supposed to be wounded for desktop wallpapers. It is also assumed that the author of the picture has given permission to publish his work. If someone is convinced that one of the images is posted in violation of the rules, please report the image address. After examining the reason for the complaint, the image that violates the rules will be removed.

Project "FENIX"

All earnings from the advertising blocks of the wallpapers-fenix.eu catalog will be used to ensure project operations and rewards for physically disabled people involved in the project. The same will be done with gifts for the creation of corporate wallpapers and promotion of the patron company.

Due to the fact that the catalog itself is international and designed with the possibility of distributing and monitoring the financial earnings from a particular location, it was decided that the earnings from the Ukrainian and Russian localities would be transferred to the needs of the UBB.ORG.UA UBB.ORG.UA The concrete project will be approved on the board of the participating workers Project "FENIX"

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